Temagami Fire Tower Virtual Tour

This is a virtual tour of Temagami's Caribou Mountain, showing some of the highlights you can enjoy during your visit to Temagami.  The tour is composed of a picture, that leads to more pictures in sequence.  You move from one picture to another by searching each picture for a 'hotspot' that leads to another picture.   Your mouse pointer should change from an arrow to a hand, for instance, when you move across a hotspot.  Most are obvious, like to 'walk' down the path, move your pointer to an area down the path in the picture.  You might come to a fork in the path and choose either way.  Choose to climb the stairs by clicking on them, or look to the side by clicking the side of a picture.

The start of your virtual tour finds you at the beginning of the path from the parking lot at the top of Caribou Mountain.  Make your way to the top of the fire tower.  Remember to search the whole picture, you may find a surprise or two.  

Nearly the entire site has been changed this fall 2000.  Only the original tower climb remains the same.  New fall photos have replaced the walk to the tower and the view from the top of the tower, so enjoy!

Please note:  

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This tour is optimized to run at a screen resolution of 800x600.  It has been tested with Netscape 4.03 and MS Internet Explorer 4.01.   If you are using MS Internet Explorer, it is recommended using 24-bit color for the best experience, and at least 16-bit color for either browser for the picture colors to display correctly.  These are just recommended settings, and not necessary if you don't like to mess with your computer setup.  If you need to know how to change your settings, click here.

If you have any problems with this site or comments, email Mike Drenth, the site creator.

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