Mission Statement

The Corporation of the Municipality of Temagami exists to serve its residents and those who come to experience the area.  We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a balance between the global attraction of Temagami’s wilderness and a successful business community.  We are also dedicated to achieving the sustainable development of the Temagami area’s natural resources, while conserving and ensuring the area’s natural heritage and ecological diversity.

Employees and Organization

The newly restructured and incorporated Municipality of Temagami was formed January 1, 1998.  Prior to annexing some unorganized townships, it was the Corporation of the Township of Temagami.

The Corporation of the Municipality of Temagami was created through the Municipal act with “town” status.  We have 11 full time staff, 2 full time contract staff, 1 part time contract staff and 1 permanent part time staff.  We hire other contract staff to carry out day to day operations as needed.

The Municipal Office staff consists of :

Chief Administrative Officer
Administrative Assistance
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Tax Clerk
Payroll Clerk
Planning Clerk
911 Coordinator
Economic Development Contact
Caribou Mountain Coordinator

The Municipality has 1 Mayor and 6 Councilors.
Each Councilor is responsible for the following areas:

General Government and Finance
Protections to Person and Property
Public Works
Health Services
Social Services
Parks and Recreation
Caribou Mountain
Economic Development