Activities in Temagami

Temagami offers a great variety of activities for the adventure enthusiast.  Canoeing is a great way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.  With so many possibilities, everyone will find a challenge to suit their taste - whether shooting rapids, portaging, or just exploring the beauty of nature.

Shooting whitewater rapids.
Shooting Rapids - Photo from Wolf Within Adventures

Vacationing by the campfire.
Enjoying a Campfire - Photo by Mike Drenth

No camping experience is complete without a campfire with family or friends.  Cooking hotdogs over the fire, roasting marshmallows, and telling stories is a great part of any vacation.  It always makes for a memorable time, and creates a strong bond between all involved.  Come sit by the warmth and enjoy the beautiful night skies with us in Temagami.

For many, angling is an essential part of the Temagami experience, either trying for the big one, catching supper, or just catch and release for sport.  Temagami offers many varieties of fish, including Lake Trout, Pickerel, Smallmouth Bass, Pike, and Whitefish.  Some area lakes even support Rainbow or Speckle Trout angling.  

Fishing for the trophy!
Go for the Trophy Fish - Photo by Mike Drenth

Enjoying fresh Lake Temagami fish.
Fishing Success - Photo by Mike Drenth

There's something about spending a day on the water, coaxing those feisty fish into the boat that can really make a person hungry for the fruits of their effort.  Whatever type of fish you're after, you're bound to have fun.  You'll also enjoy the mouthwatering taste of fresh caught fish - but you'll probably want to filet and cook them first.

We can't cover all the great activities you can do here, but we're sure you'll enjoy the lake, peace and quiet, and nature in your own way.  Enjoying your Temagami vacation can be as simple as reading a book by the lakeside.

Reading on the Lake Temagami shoreline.
Reading by the Lake - photo by Mike Drenth